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July 2001
"Top Format Productions" released NEW Demo CD !

Its summer and Top Format shows it - With a new designed website and the 2001 Spring Collection demo CD. First presented on May 31 at the Radioday in Cologne (Germany) now available for the world...
Small disappointment for the German Top Format fans, on this demo CD are only Dutch (and flemish) jingles.
With 5 packages for Dutch national radio, 2 for flemish-belgium national radio and 2 packages for the dutch commercial radio 538 (incl. some jingles from the popular Radio 538 DJ Edwin Evers in "100% hits 2000").
The beautiful jingles for Flemish Radio 2 are a delight to listen to. Finally not to forget to mention the nice touch in the Wanadoo Top 40 package to use bits of the wellknown Veronica Top40 jingles bringing them really in the the new century in a 2001 mix !

    2001 Spring Collection

2001 Spring Collection [CD]

2001 NL

1.The New Vibe 2001 05:47
 NPS Radio 3FM (National radio), the Netherlands
2.Top40 2001 05:17
 Radio 538, the Netherlands
3.Mega Charts 2001 04:28
 TROS (National radio), the Netehrlands
4.2 For You 2001 06:42
 VRT Radio 2, Flemish-Belgium
5.Donna 2000 02:22
 Radio Donna, Flemish-Belgium
6.Euro Talk 2001 05:33
 BNN (National radio), the Netherlands
7.More Than 2 ID´s 05:35
 NOS Radio 2 (National radio), the Netherlands
8.More Than 2 Themes 07:54
 NOS Radio 2 (National radio), the Netherlands
9.100% Hits 2000 05:08
 Radio 538, the Netherlands

Request your copy of the demo cd from
And dont forget to have a look on the "new" website

May 2001
"JAM Creative Productions Inc." released 4 NEW Demo CDs !

AC 4

Hot 1

Authentic 80s


4 New Demo CDs

It has been a while but after 3 years JAM brings us 4 new demo CDs.

That AC packages are popular shows the 4th AC volume and even a special HOT-AC Volume 1 CD. Some of the packages on them could already be heard on Top Formats "Ratings Up" demo CD. Like "Evolver", "Very Nice" and "Z+".

The "HOT" CD has 2 demos on it for "BBC Radio 1" "The Ultimate One" and "Closer To The Music".
On AC4 you can find the follow-up packages for WNIC after the great "It´s Nice" package its now time to hear "Really Nica" and the before mentioned "Very Nice". Also on AC4 are 2 KOST packages "The Most Coast" and "Clearly Coast".

The other 2 CDs are 2 special one is a great Holiday/ Christmas Demo CD "Jingle All The Way" with the very nice Santa Claus presented demo the "A Touch Of Christmas"-package for KVIL Dallas TX. And my favorite christmas songs on track 11 "TV Promos" as part of the "Holiday Jam". A presentation of holiday jingles used in other packages such as "Yours Truly", "No One Does It Better" and "Its A Goodfeeling To Know" etc etc etc... example: TV10

The 4th CD is back to the eighties, with "Authentic 80s". Original jingle packages made in the 80s that can be customed for today. As has been done for "the Eighties Channel" WXXY in Chicago. On the CD are 4 packages done in the eighties for WLS Chicago "The Rock", "AM", "FM" and "Rockin´ For America". For who missed the 2CD Classic Jam is also "Double Plus" and "Hitradio", "FM" on this CD added with 15 others.

Click on the links underneath the pictures on the left to see detailed track listing of the particular CDs !

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Januari 2001
"JJ McKay" Voice imagery for ALL formats
WILQ/Williamsport, PA--#1 (Country) WKSJ/Mobile--#3 (Country) WOOZ/Carbondale, IL--#2 (Country) KCLD/St. Cloud, MN--#1 (CHR) KDUK/Eugene, OR--#2 (CHR) WRQN/Toledo--#6 (Oldies) KGEE-FM/Odessa,TX--#2 (Country) WRBR/South Bend--#4 (Rock) WEJM/Philly (JAMMIN' Oldies)WYUU/Tampa (Oldies) KKRD/Wichita--#1 (CHR) KAMR-TV/Amarillo, TX; WKIX-FM/Raleigh, NC; WCHA/Chambersburg, PA

JJ McKay

JJ McKay is the image voice of radio and television stations worldwide.
Offering ISDN, DCI or MPEG3 digital delivery. The known voice of JJ McKay from WINAMP and SHOUTCAST jingles offers fully produced sweepers, IDs, promos and commercials surprisingly affordable!

You can download the latest demos from their website.

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September 2000
"Radio Contact Top 15" - 1996/97 and 1998/99

A total of 8 Radio Contact jingles on the two compilation double CDs released by SONY Music Media.
Released has been 1996-1997 with for 1996: Los Del Rio, Fools Garden, Paradisio, Mr.President and others.
For 1997: Era, Katrina & The Waves, Sash!, Patricia Kaas, Angun, Wes and more.
On the 1998 CD are: Tarkan, Jennifer Paige, Axelle Red, Five, Allan Theo, Dario G and others.
The 1999 CD is filled with songs from: Ann Lee, Technotronic, Vengaboys, TQ, Moloko, Earth Wind & Fire and more...

Each CD has 15 songs and 2 Radio Contact Jingles. One jingle from the Flemisch service and the other one from the French language service. The jingles are done by, not credited on the CDs, Temple Of Tune.

Radio Contact started her programs on March 1980 in Brussels (Belgium) with 24 hour live transmissions in both languages.
Today Radio Contact has grown from local free radio into a international radio network with 100's of stations nationwide in Belgium alone.

See also their internet site:
Or download the screensaver: Radio Contact Screensaver

June 2000
"SOB productions/TMCentury Demo Two
SOB - Studio Oud Bussum from the Netherlands released a double CD "DEMO TWO" packed in a fold out carton cover.
The 2CD contains their own jingles, production music and the jingle packages from TM Century (Dallas, TX).
These packages are NOW available for the European market and can be sung for you in your own language! SOB and TM Century can produce custom made jingles for your station as well: from scratch they compose and produce a package that exactly fits your station's needs.
CD1 consists of a range of jingle packages that were created in the SOB studios for various radio stations:

-1- M-TracksRadio M (Middle of Holland, regional) the NetherlandsAdult Contemory
-2- 3SomeRadio Netherlands, Radio 3 ("Stenders vroeg") the NetherlandsDance/CHR
-3- The After Party ZoneKISS FM 90.7 Czech RepublicDance/CHR
-4- Adult EntertainmentNoordzee FM ("De Ochtendshow") the NetherlandsHOT AC
-5- Millenium ProofNoordzee FM the NetherlandsMODERN/AC
-6- The Party ZoneKISS FM 90.7 Czech RepublicDANCE/CHR
-7- TROS GoldRadio Netherlands: TROS ("de Gouden Uren") the NetherlandsHOT AC
-8- MEGA HitsNoordzee FM "Mega Top30" the NetherlandsHOT AC
And production music:
- 9- Paradise Lost - Electric (special offer)
-10- XRules 4.0
-11- Speedtracks 3

The second CD contains "The Global Beats"-CD with 16 brand new jingle packages from TM Century that can be sung for your station now.

SOB Productions is now Europe's representative for the world-renowned jingles from TM Century. All TM Century jingle packages can be now be sung with singers from your own country & in your own language.
Or, if you prefer the "Dallas-sound", sung in Dallas by the famous TM Century vocal group.

- 1- Introduction
- 2- Global BeatHit Radio Z104CHR
- 3- Big Phat KissKISS 95.1 CHR/Dance
- 4- Hot 100The Party Station - Hot 100CHR/Dance
- 5- Planet EnergyZ102.3CHR/Dance
- 6- Ignitor100.7 MIX FMCHR
- 7- Alice 106Alice 106CHR/Alternative
- 8- Monumental MixMIX 107.3 WashingtonHOT AC
- 9- Washington's Mix 107.3MIX 107.3 WashingtonHOT AC
-10- Twin Cities KS-9594.5 KS 95 MinneapolisMODERN AC
-11- Big Time 200094.5 WKTIHOT AC
-12- Boston's Best MixMIX 98.5 BostonAC
-13- Kansas City 200098.1 KUDL Kansas CityAC
-14- Hallelujah! Its MorningvariousMORNING SHOW
-15- Original Morning Show cutsvariousMORNING SHOW
-16- Fun OldiesMagic 102.7OLDIES
-17- WBBM 780WBBM 780 ChicagoNEWS TALK
-18- How to buy jinglesvariousCALL SOB!

For more information: .

December 1999
"The Magic Of PAMS", John Wolfert announced this INCREDIBLE 10 CD box as follows:
"I hope you enjoy ´The Magic of PAMS´ collection.
It was a lot of work, and I look forward to reading your comments, questions and memories about PAMS jingles.
Thanks to all of our fans worldwide who have supported the idea of this project, and have waited patiently for its completion!
Jonathan Wolfert Dallas, TX USA
- Wednesday, December 1, 1999 at 00:00:00 (CST)"

"The Magic of PAMS" is a comprehensive 10-CD box set collection of demo presentations from all the PAMS numbered series. It begins with Series 1 from 1956 and concludes with Series 49 from 1977. All of the lettered variations of each package are included. There are also several bonus items of interest.

See for more information: PAMS - The Magic Of PAMS - The PAMS numbered series demo collection on CD!

July 1999
A new promotion CD "Jingles (Need Some?)" has been released by Top Format Productions.
The nice folded double digi-pack consists of 22 demo tracks. On both CDs is a 'lyrical' CD-Rom track included. If you want to have a good 'taste' from the quality of Top Format Productions then have a listen to track 10 from CD2 the Client Montage.
This is a overall coverage from jingles produced for european radio stations. You can download all 22 tracks in good MPEG-3 quality:
  CD1:cuts   CD2:cuts
    1. Today's Hits 15   NL: Radio 538   1. Virginity 1 & 2 17   UK/NL: 1215 AM Virgin/ 3 FM
    2. Plug and Play 19   NL: Radio 3 FM   2. Z+ 20   US: NY - Z 100
    3. Kiss and Tell 14 GER: KISS FM 96.9   3. Heartbeat 26   UK: London - Heart 106.2
    4. Kiss my Hit 12 GER: 100,7 Hit FM   4. Attitude Control 18   US: Newsradio 970 WFLA
    5. Xtra Energy 25   NL: TROS op 3 FM   5. Hot Buttons 12   US: All news 67 WMAQ
    6. Dance Boost 14 GER: Radio 3 FM   6. Super Station 21   US: Detroit - 760 WJR
    7. Hit Boost 17   NL: Radio 3 FM   7. Heat It Up 16   US: Santiago - KSON
    8. Rock Boost 10   NL: Radio 3 FM   8. Overdrive 16   US: 106.7 WFOR Country
    9. The Girl Next Door15   NL: Rebecca   9. In Focus 14   US: Santiago - KSON
  10. Good Morning 10   NL: TROS op 3 FM 10. Client Montage --   compilation european jingles
  11. Go West 10   NL: Radio West 88.4 FM 11. Credits & Sales Talk --   outro
  12. Adults First 19 AUS: Burgenland Eins

See for more information:

19, 20 & 21 feb 1999,

From 19 until 21 februari 1999 the local radio station STADS Radio Den Haag gives air time to Radio 25 to celebrate 25 years of professional pirate radio in The Hague.
During these ´celebrations´ Radio Centraal (1974-1999) has been taken 2 times of the air (saturday morning and sunday evening).
Because of the 25 years of local pirate radio a CD has been released titled: "Radio 25 Smul CD"

Jingles and program items from:
Radio Centraal, Radio Den Haag, REVO Stereo, H.I.R.O., Radio Veronica Den Haag, Radio Fiasco, Hofstad Radio, Radio City, Radio Delta, Telstar Radio, Nova Radio, Radio Baccara en Radio Stad Den Haag.
Also the RCD, the ´Harry´-transmitters and many others...

52 tracks 73m01s playing time !

June 1998,

Top Format Productions released a NEW Jingle CD "Ratings Up - Tomorrow´s Jingles For Today´s Radio". The CD includes jingles from:

track nrRadiostationlocation#jingles
(track 2)Radio 538 The Netherlands [19]
(track 3)Z-100 New York [27]
(track 4)KISS FM Portugal [15]
(track 5)HIT FM Germany [12]
(track 6)KKFY Power 92Phoenix, Arizona [17]
(track 7)Radio 3 FM The Netherlands [14]
(track 8)Heart London, UK [26]
(track 9)KS-95 St.Paul, Minneapolis[23]
(track10)WNIC Dearborn, Detroit [20]
(track11)Radio Donna Belgium [21]
The 1st track of the CD is a CDRom track. This track includes files in MS-Word format with the indexes of the jingle packages. Our favorite tracks from these CD are the jingles for WNIC especially the female voice on jingle #13. Not to forget the Heart jingles. The 1st one has been used before, on a previous Top Format CD, in a Dutch version for Radio Totaal FM.

See for more information:

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