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CD Hugo Montenegro - Moog Power Radiotune:
Hugo Montenegro
- Mac Arthur Park (Allegro Port III)

CD   Moog Power
        Track; 9, time; 3:25, written; Webb
        RCA 7432 1637052 [ESP] o.1969/r.1998

Tune Soundsample te-hm-map.mp3
Radio Mi Amigo - Tuesday January 1st 1974 [language: dutch].
The start of Radio Mi Amigo from the "MV Mi Amigo"
Voice: Ad Petersen (later known as Ad Roland).

CD Electric Light Orchestra - Out Of The Blue Jingles:
Electric Light Orchestra
- The Whale

CD   Out Of The Blue
        Track; 15, time; 5:01, written; Jeff Lyne
        Epic EPC 450885 2 [GER] o.1977/r.199x

Jingle Soundsample te-elo-tw.mp3
Radio Caroline ´Loving Awareness´ [language: dutch].
This beautiful Loving Awareness jingle explained the idea behind LA, for the music they choose this great part from the song "The Whale".
Voice: ?.

2CD Flatt and Scruggs - The Essential Jingles:
Flatt & Scruggs
- Foggy Mountain Breakdown

2CD   The Essential Flatt & Scruggs
        Track; 17 (CD2 of 2), time; 2:20, written; E. Scruggs
        Columbia C2K 64877 [USA] o.1967/r.1997

Jingle Soundsample te-fs-fmb.mp3
Radio Mi Amigo [language: english].
For these funny 'western' style Radio Mi Amigo jingles they used this "Bonnie & Clyde" theme from the legendary Lester Flatt and Earl Scruggs.
Voice: ?.

CD Dusty Springfield - Dusty

CD Dusty Springfield - A Girl Called Dusty

Dusty Springfield
- Summer Is Over

CD   Dusty
        Track; 4, time; 3:42, written; Tom Springfield/Clive Westlake
        Mercury 314 538 909-2 [USA] o.10-1964/r.1999

CD   A Girl Called Dusty
        Track; 20 (bonustrack), time; 3:45, written; Tom Springfield/Clive Westlake
        Mercury 534 520-2 [UK] r.1997

Jingle Soundsample te-ds-sio.mp3
Radio Veronica [language: english].
One of the most famous jingles from Radio Veronica "Come And Sail Away' used the music from this song of Dusty Springfield.

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