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DJ: Stan Haag
(16 July 1920 ~ 1 Dec 2001)

(Radio VERONICA, Radio Mi Amigo)


Stan Haag born om 16 july 1920 as Stanislav Haag in Amsterdam, the Netherlands.
Played guitar in Dutch orchestras as that from Eddy Christiani, Pi Scheffer and Dolf van der Linden. Wrote song lyrics for various artists and two of the biggest hits he wrote were "Ik Sta Op Wacht" for Joop de Knegt and " Soerabaja" for Anneke Grönloh.
From 1960 till 1968 he worked for Radio Luxemburg and went in 1968 to Radio Veronica ´till its close down in ´74. From 1975 he was DJ by Radio Mi Amigo where he presented his legendary "the jukebox from Stan Haag".
On December 1st 2001 Stan died at the age of 81.

Program tune "Jukebox": Norman Petty Trio - Little Black Samba

  7" Vinyl Singles

Mi Amigo Boys - Amalia
- The Mi Amigo Boys: Amalia (carnavals song) / Bing Barlow - 'T Is Goal Elf Prov. ELF 65.030 * 1976 [ NL]

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